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Grape and Cable by Northwood: Carnival Glass

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The pattern Grape and Cable was produced by Northwood and can be caracterized by banded, leafs, fruits and grapes.

Know colors are: amethyst, aqua opal, blue, ice blue, renninger blue, sapphire blue, green, ice green, lime green, olive green, horehound, marigold, lavender, purple, smoke, white, custard and vaseline.

Reported shapes are: bowl banana, fernery, bowl ice cream, bowl ice cream stippled, bowl large fruit, bowl pie crust, bowl pie crust stippled, bowl ruffled, bowl ruffled stippled, bowl berry small, bowl salad, hat ruffled, bonbons, compote, candle, compote covered, cracker jar, cup & saucer, humidor, lamp, nut dish, shade, sweetmeat, spittoon, tumbler, regular pitcher, tankard, plate single handgrip, plate double handgrip, plate footed, plate regular, plate regular stippled, plate small, punch base, punch bowl, punch cup, butter dish, creamer, sugar, creamer small, sugar small, spooner, hatpin holders, powder jar, pin tray, tray and vase footed.

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Pattern details

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Amethyst Amethyst
Aqua opal Aqua opal
Blue Blue *
Custard Custard *
Green Green
Horehound Horehound *
Ice Blue Ice Blue
Ice Green Ice Green
Lavender Lavender *
Lime green Lime green *
Marigold Marigold
Olive green Olive green *
Purple Purple
Renninger blue Renninger blue *
Sapphire blue Sapphire blue *
Smoke Smoke
Vaseline Vaseline *
White White
Bonbons Bonbons *
Bowl Banana Bowl Banana
Bowl Berry Small Bowl Berry Small
Bowl Ice Cream Bowl Ice Cream
Bowl Ice Cream Stippled Bowl Ice Cream Stippled *
Bowl Large Fruit Bowl Large Fruit
Bowl Pie Crust Bowl Pie Crust *
Bowl Pie crust Stippled Bowl Pie crust Stippled
Bowl Ruffled Bowl Ruffled *
Bowl Ruffled Stippled Bowl Ruffled Stippled *
Bowl Salad Bowl Salad
Butter Dish Butter Dish *
Candle Candle *
Compote Compote *
Compote Covered Compote Covered
Cracker Jar Cracker Jar
Creamer Creamer *
Creamer Small Creamer Small *
Cup & Saucer Cup & Saucer
Fernery Fernery *
Hat Ruffled Hat Ruffled *
Hatpin Holders Hatpin Holders *
Humidor Humidor *
Lamp Lamp
Nut Dish Nut Dish *
Pin Tray Pin Tray *
Plate Double Handgrip Plate Double Handgrip
Plate Footed Plate Footed *
Plate Regular Plate Regular
Plate Regular Stippled Plate Regular Stippled *
Plate Single Handgrip Plate Single Handgrip
Plate Small Plate Small *
Powder Jar Powder Jar *
Punch Base Punch Base *
Punch Bowl Punch Bowl
Punch Cup Punch Cup *
Regular Pitcher Regular Pitcher *
Shade Shade
Spittoon Spittoon *
Spooner Spooner *
Sugar Sugar *
Sugar Small Sugar Small *
Sweetmeat Sweetmeat
Tankard Tankard *
Tray Tray
Tumbler Tumbler
Vase Footed Vase Footed *

* = Good color / shape but in a different pattern. Please help us by uploading pictures
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