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Patterns related to your search

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Acorn Acorn *
Acorn Burrs Acorn Burrs *
Apple Blossom Twigs Apple Blossom Twigs *
Apple Tree Apple Tree
April Showers April Showers
Beaded Basket Beaded Basket *
Beaded Cable Beaded Cable
Big Basketweave Big Basketweave *
Blackberry Blackberry
Blackberry Banded Blackberry Banded
Blackberry Block Blackberry Block
Blackberry Open Edge Blackberry Open Edge *
Blueberry Blueberry
Brocaded Summer Gardens Brocaded Summer Gardens
Bushel Basket Bushel Basket *
Butterfly and Berry Butterfly and Berry *
Butterfly ornament Butterfly ornament
Captive Rose Captive Rose *
Chain and Star Chain and Star
Cherry Chain Cherry Chain *
Chesterfield Chesterfield
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
Constellation Constellation
Corn bottle Corn bottle
Corn vases Corn vases *
Cosmos and Cane Cosmos and Cane *
Dahlia Dahlia *
Daisy and Drape Daisy and Drape *
Daisy and Plume Daisy and Plume
Dandelion Dandelion
Diamond and Rib Diamond and Rib *
Diamond Point Vase Diamond Point Vase *
Dianthus Dianthus
Double Scroll Double Scroll
Double Stem Rose Double Stem Rose *
Drapery Drapery *
Embroidered Mums Embroidered Mums *
Fanciful Fanciful *
Feather Stitch Feather Stitch *
Feathers Feathers
Fenton Panels Fenton Panels
Fenton's Flowers Fenton's Flowers
Fern Fern
Fern Panels Fern Panels
Fine Cut and Roses Fine Cut and Roses *
Fine Rib Fine Rib
Fishscale and Beads Fishscale and Beads *
Floral and Grape Floral and Grape *
Floral and Optic Floral and Optic
Florentine Florentine
French Knots French Knots
Frosted Block Frosted Block
Fruits and Flowers Fruits and Flowers *
Garden Path Garden Path *
Good Luck Good Luck *
Grape and Cable Grape and Cable
Grape Arbor Grape Arbor
Grape Delight Grape Delight
Grapevine Lattice Grapevine Lattice
Hearts and Flowers Hearts and Flowers
Heavy Grape Heavy Grape *
Heavy Iris Heavy Iris *
Heavy Pineapple Heavy Pineapple
Hobstar and Feather Hobstar and Feather *
Holly Holly *
Homestead Homestead *
Iris Iris *
Lattice and Grape Lattice and Grape
Lattice and Poinsettia Lattice and Poinsettia
Lattice and Points Lattice and Points
Leaf and Beads Leaf and Beads *
Leaf Chain Leaf Chain *
Leaf Columns Leaf Columns
Leaf Rays Leaf Rays *
Lined Lattice Lined Lattice *
Little Fishes Little Fishes *
Many Fruits Many Fruits *
Memphis Memphis *
Mirrored Lotus Mirrored Lotus *
Morning Glory Morning Glory *
Nippon Nippon *
Open Edge Basketweave Open Edge Basketweave
Open Edge, 2 row Open Edge, 2 row *
Open Edge, 3 row Open Edge, 3 row
Orange Tree Orange Tree *
Orange Tree Orchard Orange Tree Orchard
Oriental Poppy Oriental Poppy *
Palm Beach Palm Beach *
Paneled Diamonds and Bows Paneled Diamonds and Bows
Panther Panther *
Peach Peach
Peacock and Urn Peacock and Urn
Peacock at the Fountain Peacock at the Fountain *
Peacocks Peacocks *
Persian Garden Persian Garden *
Persian Medallion Persian Medallion
Petal and Fan Petal and Fan *
Plain Jane Plain Jane
Poinsettia and Lattice Poinsettia and Lattice *
Pond Lily Pond Lily
Poppy Poppy
Poppy Show Poppy Show *
Portly Portly *
Pulled Loop Pulled Loop *
Puzzle Puzzle *
Question Marks Question Marks *
Ranger Ranger
Raspberry Raspberry
Rose Bouquet Rose Bouquet
Rose Show Rose Show
Rose Spray Rose Spray *
Roundup Roundup
Rustic Rustic
Shasta Daisy Shasta Daisy
Shell Shell
Singing Birds Singing Birds *
Six Petals Six Petals *
Smooth Panels Smooth Panels
Spiral Rib Spiral Rib
Starflower Starflower
Stippled Estate Stippled Estate
Stork and Rushes Stork and Rushes *
Target vases Target vases *
Ten Mums Ten Mums
Thin Rib Thin Rib *
Three Fruits Three Fruits *
Three Fruits Medallion Three Fruits Medallion *
Tornado Tornado *
Tree Trunk Tree Trunk *
Twist Bobeche Twist Bobeche
Two Flowers Two Flowers *
Vineyard Vineyard *
Wide Panel Wide Panel *
Wide Rib Wide Rib *
Wild Strawberry Wild Strawberry *
Wishbone Wishbone *
Wisteria Wisteria
Wreath of Roses Wreath of Roses *
Wreathed Cherry Wreathed Cherry

* = Good pattern but in a different color. Please help us by uploading pictures
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