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Dugan Auctions

89,99$ US
21 hours 12 mins

12 Bids
Antique Dugan Carnival Glass Purple Amethyst Lg Lemonade Pitcher Molded Grape
Antique Dugan Carnival Glass Purple Amethyst Lg Lemonade Pitcher Molded Grape
59,00$ US
12 hours 16 mins

1 Bids
Gorgeous Dugan Purple Lined Lattice Vase
Gorgeous Dugan Purple Lined Lattice Vase
15,50$ US
2 days 14 hours

5 Bids
1 dugan stork and rushes
1 dugan stork and rushes
U$ 1,99
12 hours
1 dugan stork and rushes
1,99$ US
12 hours 47 mins

1 Bids
Vintage Dugan-Diamond, Carnival Glass Marigold Maple Leaf Tumbler 4
Vintage Dugan-Diamond, Carnival Glass Marigold Maple Leaf Tumbler 4" Tall.
1,99$ US
14 hours 3 mins

1 Bids

Dugan For Sale

7 950,00$ US
10 days 0 hours

Fixed Price
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Patterns :

Dugan Carnival Glass 1904-1931

139 Items in the Encyclopedia


One special feature and innovation of the Dugan factory is the extensive use of the Peach Opal colour. Opalescent glass was already in use but the addition of the marigold was giving a totally new dimension to the glass. The use of the new colour has earned Dugan the nickname of King of Peach Opal.

The Dugan / Diamond company has produce carnival glass from 1909 to 1931.

Another important fact about it is that, before the publication of an article published in 'The Antique Trader Weekly" February 25th 1981 and titled "Carnival Glass by Dugan and Diamond", collectors believed that Dugan / Diamond carnival glass was produced by Northwood.

Important events

1899 Glass Production Begins by the Northwood Works  
Administered by Harry Bostow

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