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Patterns :

Fenton Carnival Glass 1905

155 Items in the Encyclopedia


Patterns related to your search

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Acorn Acorn
Apple Tree Apple Tree
April Showers April Showers
Autumn Acorns Autumn Acorns
Beaded Stars Beaded Stars
Birds and Cherries Birds and Cherries
Birmingham Age Herald Birmingham Age Herald
Blackberry Blackberry
Blackberry Banded Blackberry Banded
Blackberry Block Blackberry Block
Blackberry Bramble Blackberry Bramble
Blackberry Open Edge Blackberry Open Edge
Blackberry Spray Blackberry Spray
Blueberry Blueberry
Boggy Bayou Boggy Bayou
Bouquet Bouquet
Brazier's Candies Brazier's Candies
Briar Patch Briar Patch
Bullseye and Beads Bullseye and Beads
Butterflies Butterflies
Butterfly and Berry Butterfly and Berry
Butterfly and Fern Butterfly and Fern
Butterfly ornament Butterfly ornament
Captive Rose Captive Rose
Central Shoe Store Central Shoe Store
Cherries Cherries
Cherry Chain Cherry Chain
Cherry Circles Cherry Circles
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
Coin Dot Coin Dot
Concord Concord
Cooleeme Cooleeme
Coral Coral
Cut Arcs Cut Arcs
Cut Ovals Cut Ovals
Daisies Daisies
Daisy Cut Bell Daisy Cut Bell
Dance of the Veils Dance of the Veils
Diamond and Rib Diamond and Rib
Diamond Point Columns Diamond Point Columns
Dianthus Dianthus
Dorsey and Funkenstein Dorsey and Funkenstein
Dotted Diamonds and Daisies Dotted Diamonds and Daisies
Double Dolphins Double Dolphins
Dragon and Lotus Dragon and Lotus
Dragon and Strawberry Dragon and Strawberry
Dragon's Tongue Dragon's Tongue
Eat Paradise Sodas Eat Paradise Sodas
Elks Elks
Exchange Bank Exchange Bank
Fantail Fantail
Feather Stitch Feather Stitch
Feathered Serpent Feathered Serpent
Feldman Brothers Feldman Brothers
Fenton Panels Fenton Panels
Fenton's Flowers Fenton's Flowers
Fentonia Fentonia
Fentonia Fruits Fentonia Fruits
Fern Fern
Fern Panels Fern Panels
Fine Rib Fine Rib
Floral and Grape Floral and Grape
Florentine Florentine
Flowering Dill Flowering Dill
Fluffy Peacock Fluffy Peacock
Forget-me-not Forget-me-not
French Knots French Knots
Fuchsia Fuchsia
Garden Mums Garden Mums
Garland Garland
Geo. W. Getts Geo. W. Getts
Gevurtz Bros Furniture Gevurtz Bros Furniture
Goddess of Harvest Goddess of Harvest
Good Luck Good Luck
Grape and Cable Grape and Cable
Heart and Vine Heart and Vine
Hearts and Trees Hearts and Trees
Heavy Pineapple Heavy Pineapple
Holly Holly
Honeycomb and Clover Honeycomb and Clover
Horse Medallion Horse Medallion
Illinois Solders and Sailor Home Illinois Solders and Sailor Home
Illusion Illusion
Indiana State House Indiana State House
Indianapolis Soldiers and Sailors Monument Indianapolis Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Inverted Coin Dot Inverted Coin Dot
Iris Iris
Iris Enameled Iris Enameled
J N Ledford J N Ledford
John H. Brand John H. Brand
Kittens Kittens
Lattice and Grape Lattice and Grape
Leaf Chain Leaf Chain
Leaf Tiers Leaf Tiers
Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley
Lions Lions
Little Daisies Little Daisies
Little Fishes Little Fishes
Little Flowers Little Flowers
Lotus and Grape Lotus and Grape
Lotus and Thistle Lotus and Thistle
Magnolia Magnolia
Mikado Mikado
Milady Milady
Miller Furniture Miller Furniture
Mirrored Lotus Mirrored Lotus
Nine Sixteen Nine Sixteen
Norris N. Smith Norris N. Smith
Northern Star Northern Star
Ogden Furniture Ogden Furniture
Open Edge Basketweave Open Edge Basketweave
Open Edge, 2 row Open Edge, 2 row
Open Edge, 3 row Open Edge, 3 row
Orange Tree Orange Tree
Orange Tree Orchard Orange Tree Orchard
Orange Tree Scroll Orange Tree Scroll
Pacific Coast Mail Order Pacific Coast Mail Order
Paneled Dandelion Paneled Dandelion
Paneled Diamonds and Bows Paneled Diamonds and Bows
Panther Panther
Paradise Sodas Paradise Sodas
Peacock and Dahlia Peacock and Dahlia
Peacock and Grape Peacock and Grape
Peacock and Urn Peacock and Urn
Peacock Garden Peacock Garden
Peacock Tail Peacock Tail
Peacock Tail advertising Peacock Tail advertising
Pebbles Pebbles
Pepper Plant Pepper Plant
Persian Medallion Persian Medallion
Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit
Pinecone Pinecone
Plaid Plaid
Plume Panels Plume Panels
Pond Lily Pond Lily
Portly Portly
Prayer Rug Prayer Rug
Ragged Robin Ragged Robin
Ribbon Tie Ribbon Tie
Rood's Chocolates Rood's Chocolates
Rose Bouquet Rose Bouquet
Rose Spray Rose Spray
Rose Tree Rose Tree
Rustic Rustic
Sailboats Sailboats
Scale Band Scale Band
Scotch Thistle Scotch Thistle
Shasta Daisy Shasta Daisy
Smooth Rays Smooth Rays
Spector's Department Store Spector's Department Store
Stag and Holly Stag and Holly
Starflower Starflower
Sterling Furniture Sterling Furniture
Stippled Rays Stippled Rays
Strawberry Strawberry
Strawberry Scroll Strawberry Scroll
Stream of Hearts Stream of Hearts
Ten Mums Ten Mums
Thistle Thistle
Three Fruits Three Fruits
Two Flowers Two Flowers
Two Fruits Two Fruits
Utah Liquor Utah Liquor
Vintage Vintage
Water Lily Water Lily
Waterlily and Cattails Waterlily and Cattails
Wild Blackberry Wild Blackberry
Windflower Windflower
Wine and Roses Wine and Roses
Woodlands Woodlands
Wreath of Roses Wreath of Roses
Zig Zag Zig Zag

* = Good pattern but in a different . Please help us by uploading pictures
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