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Patterns :

Imperial Carnival Glass 1901-1984

55 Items in the Encyclopedia


Imperial Glass company was located in Belair, Ohio. It produced classic era carnival glass between from 1910 to about 1931 and contempory carnival glass from the early 1960's to 1984.

Contempory glass produced by Imperial can be marked with the IG logo (later the LIG ALIG logo).

Patterns related to your search

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Acanthus Acanthus
Balloons Balloons
Beaded Acanthus Beaded Acanthus
Beaded Bullseye Beaded Bullseye
Blaze Blaze
Brocaded Daffodils Brocaded Daffodils
Broken Arches Broken Arches
Cape Cod Cape Cod
Chatelaine Chatelaine
Chesterfield Chesterfield
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
Cobblestones Cobblestones
Colonial Colonial
Colonial Lady Colonial Lady
Columbia Columbia
Cone and Tie Cone and Tie
Corn bottle Corn bottle
Crabclaw Crabclaw
Crackle Crackle
Crucifix Crucifix
Daisy Daisy
Diamond and Sunburst Diamond and Sunburst
Diamond Lace Diamond Lace
Diamond Ring Diamond Ring
Double Dutch Double Dutch
Double Scroll Double Scroll
Fancy Flowers Fancy Flowers
Fashion Fashion
Fieldflower Fieldflower
File File
Fishnet Fishnet
Fleur de Lis Fleur de Lis
Floral and Optic Floral and Optic
Flute Flute
Flute and Cane Flute and Cane
Four Seventy Four Four Seventy Four
Freefold Freefold
Frosted Block Frosted Block
Hattie Hattie
Heavy Diamonds Heavy Diamonds
Heavy Grape Heavy Grape
Herringbone and Beaded Ovals Herringbone and Beaded Ovals
Hobstar Hobstar
Hobstar and Waffle Block Hobstar and Waffle Block
Hobstar Flower Hobstar Flower
Hobstar Nucut Hobstar Nucut
Homestead Homestead
Imperial Daisy Imperial Daisy
Imperial Grape Imperial Grape
Imperial Paperweight Imperial Paperweight
Little Barrel Little Barrel
Loganberry Loganberry
Long Hobstar Long Hobstar
Lustre and Clear Lustre and Clear
Lustre Rose Lustre Rose
Morning Glory Morning Glory
Octagon Octagon
Open Rose Open Rose
Optic and Buttons Optic and Buttons
Oval and Round Oval and Round
Pansy Pansy
Parlor Panels Parlor Panels
Pillar Flute Pillar Flute
Plain Jane Plain Jane
Poinsettia Poinsettia
Poppy Poppy
Poppy Show Poppy Show
Premium Premium
Propeller Propeller
Ranger Ranger
Ripple Ripple
Robin Robin
Rococo Rococo
Royalty Royalty
Scroll and Flower Panels Scroll and Flower Panels
Scroll Embossed Scroll Embossed
Shell Shell
Shell and Sand Shell and Sand
Six-Sided Six-Sided
Smooth Panels Smooth Panels
Snow Fancy Snow Fancy
Soda Gold Soda Gold
Star and File Star and File
Star Medallion Star Medallion
Star of David Star of David
Starspray Starspray
Swirl Swirl
Thin Rib and Drape Thin Rib and Drape
Three Row Three Row
Three-in-One Three-in-One
Thumbprint and Ovals Thumbprint and Ovals
Tiger Lily Tiger Lily
Tulip and Cane Tulip and Cane
Twins Twins
Waffle Block Waffle Block
Wheels Wheels
Whirling Star Whirling Star
Windmill Windmill
Zipper Loop Zipper Loop
Zippered Heart Zippered Heart

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