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Patterns :

Millersburg Carnival Glass 1909-1913

63 Items in the Encyclopedia


John Fenton (formerly from the Fenton Glass Company) founded the Millersburg Glass Company. Millersburg was in operation for only 5 years but produced some of the most sought after carnival glass.

Millersburg is famous for it's radium finish.

Important events

1910 Introduction of the radium iridescence 
Very characteristic , this finish is a trademark of Millersburg.

Patterns related to your search

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Acorn Acorn
Acorn Vase Acorn Vase
Bernheimer Bernheimer
Big Fish Big Fish
Big Thistle Big Thistle
Blackberry Bark Blackberry Bark
Blackberry Wreath Blackberry Wreath
Boutonniere Boutonniere
Bullseye and Loop Bullseye and Loop
Butterfly and Corn Butterfly and Corn
Campbell and Beesley Campbell and Beesley
Cherries Cherries
Cleveland Memorial Ashtray Cleveland Memorial Ashtray
Cosmos Cosmos
Country Kitchen Country Kitchen
Courthouse Courthouse
Deep Grape Deep Grape
Diamonds Diamonds
Dolphins Dolphins
Elks Elks
Feather and Heart Feather and Heart
Fleur de Lis Fleur de Lis
Flowering Vine Flowering Vine
Flute Flute
Fruit Basket Fruit Basket
Gay Nineties Gay Nineties
Grape Leaves Grape Leaves
Grape Wreath Grape Wreath
Greengard Furniture Greengard Furniture
Hanging Cherries Hanging Cherries
Hobnail Hobnail
Hobstar and Feather Hobstar and Feather
Holly Holly
Honeycomb and Hobstar Honeycomb and Hobstar
Isaac Benesch & Sons Isaac Benesch & Sons
Leaf and Little Flowers Leaf and Little Flowers
Little Stars Little Stars
Many Stars Many Stars
Marilyn Marilyn
Mayan Mayan
Mitered Ovals Mitered Ovals
Morning Glory Morning Glory
Multi-Fruits and Flowers Multi-Fruits and Flowers
Nesting Swan Nesting Swan
Night Stars Night Stars
Ohio Star Ohio Star
Olympic Olympic
Peacock Peacock
Peacock and Urn Peacock and Urn
Peacock Tail variant Peacock Tail variant
Peoples Vase Peoples Vase
Perfection Perfection
Pipe humidor Pipe humidor
Poppy Poppy
Potpourri Potpourri
Primrose Primrose
Rays and Ribbons Rays and Ribbons
Rosalind Rosalind
Rosalind variant Rosalind variant
Rose Columns Rose Columns
Roses and Fruits Roses and Fruits
Seacoast Seacoast
Seaweed Seaweed
Stippled Diamonds Stippled Diamonds
Strawberry Wreath Strawberry Wreath
Sunflower Sunflower
Swirled Hobnail Swirled Hobnail
Tracery Tracery
Trout and Fly Trout and Fly
Tulip Tulip
Tulip Scroll Tulip Scroll
Vintage Hobnail Vintage Hobnail
Whirling Leaves Whirling Leaves
Wild Flower Wild Flower
Wild Rose Wild Rose
Woodpecker and Ivy Woodpecker and Ivy
Zig Zag Zig Zag

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