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Patterns :

Northwood Carnival Glass

165 Items in the Encyclopedia


Patterns related to your search

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Acorn Burrs Acorn Burrs
Apple and Pear Intaglio Apple and Pear Intaglio
Apple Blossoms Apple Blossoms
Ballard Ballard
Barbella Barbella
Basket of Roses Basket of Roses
Beaded Cable Beaded Cable
Blackberry and Rays Blackberry and Rays
Blossomtime Blossomtime
Broecker's Flour Broecker's Flour
Bullseye and Leaves Bullseye and Leaves
Bushel Basket Bushel Basket
Butterfly Butterfly
Cherry and Cable Cherry and Cable
Concave Diamonds Concave Diamonds
Corn vases Corn vases
Daisy and Drape Daisy and Drape
Daisy and Plume Daisy and Plume
Dandelion Dandelion
Davidson's Society Chocolates Davidson's Society Chocolates
Diamond Point Diamond Point
Diamond Point Vase Diamond Point Vase
Double Loop Double Loop
Drapery Drapery
Dreibus Parfait Sweets Dreibus Parfait Sweets
E.A. Hudson Furniture E.A. Hudson Furniture
Eagle Furniture Eagle Furniture
Elegance Elegance
Embroidered Mums Embroidered Mums
Feathers Feathers
Fern Fern
Fern Brand Chocolates Fern Brand Chocolates
Fine Cut and Roses Fine Cut and Roses
Fine Cut Flower Fine Cut Flower
Fine Rib Fine Rib
Flute Flute
Four Pillars Four Pillars
Fruits and Flowers Fruits and Flowers
Good Luck Good Luck
Grape and Cable Grape and Cable
Grape and Cable Variant Grape and Cable Variant
Grape and Gothic Arches Grape and Gothic Arches
Grape Arbor Grape Arbor
Grape Frieze Grape Frieze
Grape Leaves Grape Leaves
Greek Key Greek Key
Greek Key andf Scales Greek Key andf Scales
Harvest Poppy Harvest Poppy
Hearts and Flowers Hearts and Flowers
Holiday Holiday
Interior Poinsettia Interior Poinsettia
Jockey Club Jockey Club
Lattice and Poinsettia Lattice and Poinsettia
Leaf and Beads Leaf and Beads
Leaf Columns Leaf Columns
Lightning Flower Lightning Flower
Lotus Land Lotus Land
Lovely Lovely
Lustre Flute Lustre Flute
Memphis Memphis
Nautilus Nautilus
Nearcut Nearcut
Nippon Nippon
Octet Octet
Old Rose Distilling Old Rose Distilling
Olympus Olympus
Oriental Poppy Oriental Poppy
Paneled Holly Paneled Holly
Peach Peach
Peacock and Urn Peacock and Urn
Peacock at the Fountain Peacock at the Fountain
Peacocks Peacocks
Penny & Gentles Penny & Gentles
Petals Petals
Plums and Cherries Plums and Cherries
Poinsettia and Lattice Poinsettia and Lattice
Poppy Poppy
Poppy Show Poppy Show
Poppy Variant Poppy Variant
Rainbow Rainbow
Raspberry Raspberry
Rose Show Rose Show
Rose Show variant Rose Show variant
Rosette Rosette
Ruffles and Rings Ruffles and Rings
Singing Birds Singing Birds
Six Five Eight Six Five Eight
Six Five Seven Six Five Seven
Smooth Rays Smooth Rays
Spiral Rib Spiral Rib
Springtime Springtime
Star of David and Bows Star of David and Bows
Stippled Rays/Scale Band Stippled Rays/Scale Band
Strawberry Strawberry
Strawberry Intaglio Strawberry Intaglio
Sunflower Sunflower
Swirl Swirl
Thin Rib Thin Rib
Three Fruits Three Fruits
Three Fruits Medallion Three Fruits Medallion
Tornado Tornado
Town Pump Town Pump
Tree Trunk Tree Trunk
Valentine Valentine
Wheat Wheat
Wide Panel Wide Panel
Wild Rose Wild Rose
Wild Strawberry Wild Strawberry
Wishbone Wishbone
Wisteria Wisteria

* = Good pattern but in a different . Please help us by uploading pictures
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